Maya Benning-Codina


Ms. Benning-Codina has been practicing in vocational rehabilitation and clinical counseling services since graduating with her master's degree in 2015. She began working during university as an Employment Consultant or "job coach," assisting individuals with disabilities retain competitive employment in the community. She was promoted to Employment Specialist, where she worked in job development for individuals with disabilities in the non-profit sector of the labor market, placing over 15 individuals with significant disabilities in competitive employment within one year. She eventually switched to private sector rehabilitation, working in Workers' Compensation. During this time, she refined her expertise in telephonic labor market sampling, initial vocational evaluations, writing rehabilitation plans, vocational placement assistance, job analysis, and transferable skills analysis.

Maya Benning Codina

Maya has also worked as a subcontractor for the VA, assisting hundreds of veterans with identifying their career goals, completing academic programs and trainings, identifying the best fit for their aspirations, and consistent follow-up to ensure the success and completion of their programs. Having grown up at Ramstein Air Force Base, Maya holds a special place in her heart for the service members of our nation. During this time, she assisted transitioning service members, veterans, and qualifying spouses/dependents. She specializes in serving veterans with service-connected disabilities and their unique challenges within the labor market.

Maya uses the CareerScope and COPS Edits Assessment for vocational testing for individuals looking to gain more information about their interests, aptitudes, work values, and career matches. Maya is the owner and founder of MBC Clinical Counseling and Vocational Services, offering the aforementioned services as well as seeking to expand her practice to include vocational testimony in support of earning capacity, loss of earning capacity, and job search efforts.

Maya has been providing clinical counseling services since her graduation in 2015 as well. Maya believes in everyone's inherent strengths and abilities and seeks to draw out the parts of people that are strong and resourced. Maya's goal is to help you build sustainable life changes and to achieve your goals and be a support in your change process. She had facilitated a number of therapy groups for anger management, job-seeking skills, veteran support, and mental health support/symptom management. Her individual counseling therapeutic framework pulls from Gestalt practices, person-centered therapy, mindfulness-based stress reduction, and solution-focused therapy. She fosters an empathetic, trusting, and honest therapeutic relationship that offers you the ability to share openly and grow in your awareness of self.